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90-Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase

This book is the essential daily action guide to profiting in residential real estate like a professional even if you have never purchased a property and are on a shoe-string budget. Each of the eleven chapters takes you step-by-step building both on your knowledge and description of the actions you must complete as your work toward your goal of owning a rental property in 90-days.

My book not just about how to invest in real estate. I believe it is the first type of real estate investment book that is “goal-oriented.” To get over investment fears I have set up a ninety-day goal for the purchase of the first rental property. It is a tough goal, but one that concentrates on the reader for the best outcome. The book coaxes the reader toward the purchase goals but goes into great detail, so a beginner is fully educated. It examines both pros and cons of real estate investing and explores the benefits of ownership chapter by chapter. It is beginner-oriented and goal-driven.

It offers Easy-To-Follow Strategies. It is the complete guide to property investment that will provide you daily tips, techniques, and strategies for recession-proof real estate investing. My book is aimed at real estate beginners with big aspirations and high motivation. If you are one of them, this was written for you.

It is Your Comprehensive Real Estate Investing Guide: When it comes to investing in rental property the book leaves no stone unturned in my effort to help you invest in your first real estate opportunity in just 90 days. Everything you need to know about the real estate market is here.

It is Perfect for Beginners on a Shoe-String Budget: Being a millionaire real estate agent is easy if you are already a millionaire. My real estate investing book will teach you how to invest in real estate even if you don’t have millions, hundreds of thousands, or even thousands of dollars sitting in your bank account.

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