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Happiness Power: How To Unleash Your Powers And Live A More Joyful Life

Happiness Power: How To Unleash Your Powers And Live A More Joyful Life promotes happiness, well-being, and a more powerful life by offering methods of cultivating happiness in life and in the lives of others. In an era where depression is rampant, this is more important a goal than ever, making Happiness Power an especially powerful tool for success.

From understanding the neurochemistry of happiness and how success is achieved and perceived to cultivating mindful behaviors in physical and mental health and employing acts of self-kindness, Happiness Power offers all kinds of avenues to success and achieving the goal of contentment and joy.

Many discussions would have stopped at this point, but Robert Gill Jr. goes on to trace and analyze the power of happiness in the wider world, considering how to better connect to friends, improve relationships, and how to use the power of giving as another way of cultivating happiness.

Readers might think this an ethereal goodwill analysis, but Gill backs all these intentions with solid research that enhance insights with science and study: “A recent analysis of many studies on self-esteem, using data from nearly 165,000 participants, concluded that self-esteem increases up to the age of sixty to seventy and then begins to decline. The reasons for this are found in the changes at various stages in development. For example, increasing self-esteem in adulthood is based on taking on new and more complex social roles. It follows that the loss of these roles in older age, such as retirement, widowhood, and so on, results in decreases in self-esteem.”

This validates his contentions, elevating the entire production to explore proven approaches, techniques, and ideas that are backed by not just philosophy, but psychology, experience, and science.

Happiness may seem especially elusive in 2020 and possibly beyond, but with Happiness Power‘s strategies and insights in hand, attempts may be made by readers of all ages to thwart the pull of depression and ennui.

Its panacea for stagnation was never more needed than now, making Happiness Power an essential recommendation for all ages and all kinds of self-help and sociology collections.  – Diane Donovan, Editor, California Bookwatch