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Download Property Valuation Checklist

property evaluation checklist

This checklist is extremely handy in evaluating helping to quickly evaluate rental properties. Using them for a preliminary look at each deal eliminates the need for a calculator and a long list of numbers. Once you have qualified a property with these checklists, then you can go into the financial details to create an offer.


Robert Gill, Jr.

Robert Gill, Jr.

Robert Gill, Jr. is an author, publisher, entrepreneur, and businessperson. His most recent book, "90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase," guides those with little money to invest in rental properties. His current book, "Happiness Power," describes the powers that happiness provides those that experience it. It will be released in January 2021. He has written non-fiction books and articles on subjects ranging from teaching, crafts, hobbies, and self-help and cooking to personal finance. He lives in Far Hills, New Jersey, with his wife and Lab, Ginger.

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