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90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase

90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase is a great book if you are interested in profiting in residential real estate. Robert Gill Jr has done an extensive research to write this book. You will be able to see that the author has a vast knowledge on this matter and that he tries to make things easier.

The author teaches us how important it is to have a great strategy. Also, the main key is to believe in ourselves and take risks and lastly overcome your fears. «Goals are the tools to focus our energy. Setting goals for us is a way to fuel ambition. A goal is like having a map to give us direction.»I recommend this book as it is inspiring and well written. You can expect thorough explanations that aim to clarify the real estate market and how some strategies won’t work at all to become a great success. Get ready! « If someone had mentored me earlier in life, teaching me simple investing steps, I probably would have become a real estate millionaire far sooner.» — Beatriz Sousa,

Happiness Power

I had a big smile on my face during and after reading this book. Lots of things make sense now and it’s funny because I thought that after having survived a great deal of hardships, I know what happiness is. While there are things in this book that I am already doing, I learned so much more. It turned out that I was doing things I didn’t know were actual signs of a stray mind, so I realized there were times I wasn’t living in the moment. This book not only opened my eyes but my heart as well, so I am thankful to the author for writing something beneficial and gratifying.

Overall, this is the best book guide that I’ve read about happiness! I have started to exercise after reading this book and I have practiced mindfulness! For someone who has a lazy butt and would rather binge-watch, read a book, or listen to music while drinking coke float and eating fries, I have decided to allot 30 minutes of my everyday life to take care of myself by exercising and by living in the moment.

I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. This is possibly the most conducive compilation of the best book excerpts, scientific studies, quotes, philosophies, and guides, all expounded by the author’s viewpoint which helped make the topics more comprehensible. This is a MUST-HAVE and I highly recommend this to ALL readers. — Shey Saints –