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90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase

In 90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase, Robert Gill Jr. explains how to buy your first property within three months after finishing his book. The author’s belief is that investing in real estate is the safest way of becoming rich, and that failing to do so is a much regrettable choice: “If you don’t invest now and continue not to, you will be rudely awakened sometime in the future, realizing that retirement is not a choice for you.” This book is an extensive guide for beginner investors who want to make their first purchase. It covers every step of the process, from selecting what type of property you want to invest in to choosing the right location, and from making successful offers to knowing the type of loans that are best suited for your investment.

What I like the most about this book is its practicality. Real estate is an extremely complicated space to navigate, especially for those who, like me, have no understanding of this market. Reading this book has given me very practical insights into investing in real estate. Robert Gill Jr. accompanies the reader providing extremely detailed and practical tips, from selecting the property to closing the deal. The author compares and contrasts various types of properties, exploring their advantages and disadvantages as first-time investment purchases. I truly appreciate the author’s tips for increasing the value of a property. He gives thorough advice about how to paint walls and ceilings, what colors to pick, and what type of floors to use. He also provides interesting suggestions concerning the most profitable locations. For example, I found it very interesting to learn that proximity to Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts can significantly increase your property’s value, while a hospital or a cemetery will significantly reduce it.

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People who are thinking about investing in real estate but are quite intimidated by its complexities will absolutely benefit from reading this guide. The author addresses the main fears and anxieties that people have about investing in real estate, explaining how they can be overcome by educating oneself through books, videos, and doing basic financial cost-benefit analyses. The writing style is accessible and suited to people who are not familiar with real estate. Furthermore, the book is peppered with anecdotes and examples from the author’s experience in real estate. The author also includes a bibliography of reports and sources that can be used for further research.

I only came across a handful of minor errors in the book. Hence, it seems to be professionally edited. The only downside I identified is that it can only be used by investors in the United States. However, because real estate and its laws and regulations are strictly dependent on national legislation, this is not a valid reason to detract a star from my rating. Hence, I rate 90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase by Robert Gill Jr. 4 out of 4 stars.

This book is an excellent, thorough, and accessible guide for people who want to learn about investments in real estate in the United States. It is my hope that more books following the structure and style of 90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase will become available for people who want to invest in other countries. — Espo,