Stop Trying to Overcome Your Shyness--Embrace It

Shyness Power is a remarkable book written to expose the negative cliches and historical misunderstandings of shyness. It not only puts shyness in a positive light but reveals its many unspoken powers. Though shyness can often be an absolute nuisance to those who profess it, shyness offers many advantages over its outgoing cousin to those who learn to manage its powers.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of famous historical individuals and celebrities, such as Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Steven Spielberg, and Nicole Kidman? Many things, for sure: talented, successful, intelligent, charismatic, outspoken…
But what about… shy?

Not many people would connect that particular trait with those famous names. And yet, all of them, and many others, have spoken about their introversion and shyness quite openly.

The reason why you haven’t made the connection between them and shyness is that you’ve fallen victim to one of the biggest lies in the history of humankind, one that has been around for centuries…

From ancient Greece to modern times, shyness has always been connected with fear, weakness, and timidness.

The world has somehow always praised loud, charismatic individuals, and shunned the quiet.
Even experts on human behavior have stated again and again that shyness is deviant–humans crave companionship and are social animals. Therefore, extroverts are normal, while introverts and shy people are not.

Some even go so far as to proclaim shyness a disease–it’s often connected with various behavioral disorders, such as social anxiety.

Even today, the media and society encourage shy people to overcome their “weakness” and take steps to become more extroverted and social.

Only recently has shyness been approached and researched as something positive: a personality trait that has both advantages and disadvantages, just like any other.

It’s time to expose the lie you’ve been listening to your entire life.
Get ready to hear the truth.

In Shyness Power, you’ll discover:

  • How embracing your shyness will empower you to act and feel as you’d like–stop forcing yourself to live up to everyone else’s expectations
  • Whether or not you’re genetically predisposed to being shy, and how society and the environment has a significant impact on your shyness
  • he cultural history of shyness–discover when and why this incredibly beneficial trait has become the imaginary enemy of the human race and progress
  • Why shyness and social anxiety disorder are two completely different phenomenons, and why it’s possible to be a shy extrovert
  • The many benefits and advantages of shyness–uncover why you’re so awesome just by being shy
  • How to use shyness to your advantage in any situation, including the workplace and social gatherings
  • And so much more.

It’s time to stop feeling bad about yourself just because someone told you that you should.
There’s nothing wrong with being a quiet individual, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with being shy.

On the contrary–you can influence the world with your actions without being the loudest person in the room. For more interesting reading you will want to look at Optimist Power and Happiness Power.

If you’re ready to embrace your shyness rather than pretend to be someone you’re not, then you will want to read Shyness Power!


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